Seas the Day Dry Rub - 3 pack (50% Off)

ITEM # C000R FISHR 000

This semi-coarse blend was specifically developed to compliment fish and seafood. It’s onion, garlic, sugar, sea salt, touch of smoke, spices and lemon are wonderful on shrimp, scallops, salmon, and many other fish. While it was developed to enhance fish and seafood, it’s equally delicious on potatoes, creamed pasta and even chicken. Pat your fish or meat dry before rubbing it on, then let the meat absorb the goodness of the rub for at least 15 minutes (or longer!) before cooking. Brush off any “excess” rub before you start grilling or roasting. Feeling adventurous? Add the blend to cream cheese and spread it on crackers! With this blend, there are no rules, just seas the day and make it yours!

  • Gluten Free base mix


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