Peter Picked this Pepper Dip - 3 pack (50% Off)

ITEM # C0001 BLPEP 000

A perfectly balanced blend of spicy, tangy, fruity, aromatic, refreshing flavor. The red and green peppers were picked at their peak and gently dried to preserve their distinctive flavors. Bell peppers are the rainbow of the vegetable world because of their vibrant colors, and this prepared dip looks beautiful and tastes amazing! No wonder Peter picked it! The bell peppers, garlic and spices deliver perfection. Serve with crusty bread, hearty crackers, or even “butter” corn on the cob with it. If you give it some thought, you’ll come up with a whole peck of ways to enjoy it. We guess you could say Peter picked the perfect peppers, paired and prepared them purposefully, to please and perk up your palate!

  • Gluten Free base mix


  • Base Price: $7.00