dine and wine? yes, please!

Tara and her mom said, “Arrivederci” several years ago as they boarded a flight to Italy to enjoy the legendary Italian cuisine (and vino of course!) and culture. She found her favorite meals weren’t in the 5-star restaurants, but in the charming eateries often off the beaten path, not uncommonly with a vineyard in sight. Our Dee-vine™ collection has been inspired by the amazing journey and “divine” meals Tara and her mom enjoyed. This collection captures the beautiful simplicity of the Italian landscape and is skillfully sculpted featuring clusters of grapes against a graceful trellis. Every detail is highlighted in the rich hues that come from hand-dipping each piece, then fired in a kiln to achieve various brilliant gemstone glazes.

calling all social butterflies

When you think about the “magical transformations” for Tara at Home™ products, it’s no surprise that we have a whimsical line that celebrates the butterfly itself — the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly has always inspired Tara. Each piece in the All a Flutter™ collection features butterflies embossed in embroidery style and framed by fluted edges. To showcase the stunning detail, every piece is hand-dipped in rich pigments, then fired in a kiln to achieve a fusion of color with a brilliant finish.

rise and shine sunshine

There’s nothing like the hospitality (and down-home goodness!) that comes from a country kitchen. The scents and warmth. that awaken our senses are hearty, tasty and filled with love! The glow of a wood-burning oven, indulging in amazing food and friendly conversation is what inspired Tara to create our Doodle Doo™ collection. Whether you’re preparing a meal to help your loved ones rise and shine, or ending the day with a tasty meal, the delicate fluted edges and twisted handles add a touch of refinement. The brilliant red color comes from our gemstone glazing process where rich pigments are fused together to create a dazzling jewel-like finish that highlights all the embossed detail.

the sands of time

From the whistling winds across the desert dunes to lulling waves at the seashore, our Wavelength™ collection is reminiscent of ripples in the sand when the elements go to work creating soothing patterns. This elegant, yet modern design features organic elements found in nature — from wind to water to flames to earth. The sculptural allure is versatile — from conjuring up the feeling of being on a beach vacation to finding your own Zen. Wavelength™ features details like easy-to-grip handles and is kiln fired to perfection with an array of both bold and beautiful color selections.


Whether prepping a fabulous meal or taking your famous recipe on-the-go, Tara at Home™ provides tools and accessories to make cooking, serving and transporting a breeze. Treat yourself or gift away, they are sure to please!

the pantry

Tara at Home™ makes entertaining simple beyond the stoneware with our brand new line of consumables starting with our easy-to-make dips! Keep them in your cupboard so you’re ready when company arrives or when you and the fam need an afternoon snack or appetizer. Delish!